Mounting solutions

Does your hospital install the wall mount solutions by themselves? Can you find the right solution for your needs? There are hundreds of different options in the market. Part of them come more completed and others you have to build like a castle from legos, thus being extremely time consuming. weight and dimension specification of the equipment is very relevant. Due to the lack of a single installation plate the entire installation may have to be aborted.

Wall mount manufacturers do not know exactly what kind of equipment the hospitals want to install on it. The wall mount solution can be selected depending on the device tailored to fit and needs of the user.

As a general rule, it is best to prepare the rack installation in a way that the racks and equipment are assembled in a separate environment from the patient treatment area. The configuration requires installation space therefore it is generally not meant for intensive treatment areas. The packing material is left in the assembly facility thus making recycling much easier. The installation can take only a few minutes per mount on location.

According to the MDD, the installation process requires expertise from the  installer. Power supply cords are not allowed to be crushed between the joints and the strain relief of the cords should also be taken into account in order to prevent accidental system shutdown of the equipment. Bunched up and disorganized cords affect patient safety for several reasons. Their hygienic cleaning is difficult, and poorly installed power cords can losen and turn off the computer.

Avedon Medical solution is to project manage the delivery process from start to finish. This service can be priced per hour or can be implemented as part of the total product cost. These flexible pricing methods make Department budgeting much easier. During the scheduled days we make sure that the drilling of holes are done accordingly and do the installations rapidly. The installations will be documented with photos. We will take care of the back end project management on your behalf.

GCX mounting solutions

GCX's products are durable and versatile mounting solutions for every mounting problem in the hospital.

Ergotron Sit-Stand Wall mount system

Ergotron Sit-Stand Wall mount system is an excellent wall mount, in which you can work close up to the patient, document results and observe the patient's condition.

Ergotron Styleview Sit-Stand Combo system

Ergotronin Styleview Sit-Stand Combo system is a wall rack for longer work periods.

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