Polymit E-Series 1700VA Isolation Transformer

German Polymit medical isolation transformers with 1700VA and 115V-230V Support. TUV+NRTL approved according to IEC60601-1 3rd. Edition. Secures each System against high Leakage Current, reduces the risk of an electrical shock and protect sensitive equipment from half-wave failures.

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Polymit E-Series 1700VA Isolation Transformer

TÜV+NRTL certified Medical-Isolation-Transformer with 115/230V AC Input and 230V Output

  • secures your System against high Leakage Current & half-wave failure
  • reduces the risk of an electrical shock
  • easy to use – frontal on/off switch with operation LED
  • durable – none aging Parts and solid screwed housing
  • no supply noise or hum – encapsulated transformer


The Polymit E Series is manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO13485 for the safest power supply of Medical diagnosis and analysis devices, systems for therapy and surgery, ECG, Ultrasound, IT equipment and video systems.

The Polimit E Series is designed to meet the strict requirements of the MDD93/42EEC in order to protect the equipment, patients, operating personnel or other persons against high leakage current. It has a secure galvanic isolation from the public power supply so that it also reduce the risk of an electric shock. Thereby, the leakage current of the connected devices are limited to values below the specified limits of the medical Norm for medical electrical devices, the IEC60601-1 3rd. Edition. Due to a very low magnetic stray field and fault-tolerant design, the Polymit E Isolation Transformers are suitable for an installation close to monitors and also protect sensitive equipment from half-wave failures, which can influence measurement procedures and can damage devices.
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