Avedon Medical

Administration and sales

Askonkatu 9 F, 15100 Lahti, FINLAND

+358 9 348 9980


Avedon Medical
Helsinki, FINLAND

Production, sales and storage

Linnanherrankuja 16, 00950 Helsinki, FINLAND

+358 9 348 9980


Werth Systems GmbH
Hiddenhousen, GERMANY

Product development, sales and storage

Löhner Str. 228, 32120 Hiddenhausen, DEUTSCHLAND

+49 (0) 5223 / 94038 – 48


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About us
Avedon Medical is an expert of ICT equipment, software and services in Medical treatment areas. Our team of experts has extensive experience and expertise in demanding hospital environments such as operating rooms, intensive care and other areas classifiable as a medical care environments.