Avedon Cup 2019

Saturday, March 16, 2016 In Vierumäki, the first Finnish championship of the Finnish prosthetic hockey tournament Avedon Cup was played. The organizer of the tournament was the Finnish Prosthetics Hockey Association in cooperation with Avedon Medical.

Dozens of players from all over Finland took part in the tournament. The players were divided into three teams according to the break points and the teams were named after the first World Championships of the Finnish Prosthetic Hockey Team: Boston, Jelgava and Montreal.

The winner of the Avedon Cup was Montreal with a clean game. Montreal won Jelgava 4 – 2 and Boston Penalty Shots, after the end of the actual time 4 – 4.

The match between Boston and Jelgava ended with Jelgava 2 – 0 victory.

What is the Finnish Prosthetics Hockey Association?

In the events of the Finnish Prosthetics Hockey Association, players with limiting limb injuries who, despite their injuries, play hockey in different parts of Finland, gather together to play, practice and spend time together, offering peer support to each other.

During the 15-year existence of the association, dozens of players have been involved, both as a player and in support roles. Currently, the youngest players are only 12 to 13 years old and older players more than 60, so players of all ages are welcome to join.

Thanks to the association and with arranged international matches (MM and EM competitions), the development of various gaming aids such as hand prostheses, foot prostheses and individual limbs have progressed both in Finland and in the partner countries. This development has made it possible for more and more disabled people to play hockey in junior series or at the hobby level.

The goal of the Finnish Prosthetics Hockey Association is to further develop prosthetic hockey and to get more and more people with limb injuries to start hockey as a versatile form of exercise or to return to the hobby after their disability.

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